Too young too dumb. Currently going through music puberty.100% fan.

MOTM (music of the month): 3lau (Dance floor filth 4) and MONEY SUCKS, FRIENDS RULE //////////                                                                      Hold up, you in the presence of a QUEEN
Ow! turnt up
All the pretty bitches love me
Mouth full of gold with them jheri curls
Stuntin’ in some Prince shit. Diamonds and Pearls. I’ll be on my worst behavior. Hold my purse. Runways and strip clubs. I’ll be making it work. Cuz, I’ll be 01 ’til I die
Middle finger up so high. Dirty vibe, dirty vibe.Drop like an earthquake///////////                                                      

This is nice
Hand of fame
Number 1
We’re never tired. We’re on our way, united.
Troll alert
Keep bang`n on
One word. One dream
Once upon a time in Mysteryland….
A for Afrojack
Symbols can talk